A Puerto Rican fighting the whole west

Overhead a conversation of a dinner table besides me. The guy is from Puerto Rico. He is talking about Puerto Rican here don’t want to learn English and don’t want to learn all the things they don’t know here. They just stay with other Puerto Ricans.  He, however, wanted to learn of English and things here. He said that he was totally overwhelmed. He had to fight against the whole west. (This is interesting to me. I thought Puerto Rico was part of the western world.) The other person he was speaking to didn’t seem to understand him. I, however, totally understand him and his desperate tone.  I always wonder what are the oversea experiences of  people from countries other than China. It seems that what we feel is quite universal, no matter where we come from. However, to people who have no such experience, it is just totally beyond their comprehension.


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