Two ways to help China

So for people in the west who do care about people in China, here are two ways to help.

One is as mentioned in Chinese Renaissance, the bottom level cultural communication and engagement.

The other way is to stop the empire (quoting Blessed Unrest) right here in America. See the post On American Foreign Policy. Also see this one.

With the presence of a strong external pressure, the inner peaceful force cannot be fully functioning. The sole purpose of the entity becomes just fighting the external force and forget finding its own inner voices. This is why America is the biggest thread to democracy around the world. The same principle applies to the feminism movement. At the beginning, the feminism movement is just about fighting the external pressure (imposed by male values), so its sole purpose is to get out of the grip of the male values and prove them wrong. Only after that stage (gaining equal access to opportunities a society offered to individuals), can women really calm down and find there inner voices and be whoever they choose to be individually.

I hate to say this. But the American imperialism does give repressive countries around the world a legitimate reason to strengthen their repressive regimes. I always hated the government using threats from outside as their excuse of state power. But however, from another standpoint, it is justified.

So if you want to help China, the other way is to stop the empire right here.


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