Where is life coming from?

The whole universe is originally only one of pitch darkness. It is complete emptiness. Emptiness in the sense that there is really nothing. Then how come in our world there are so many lives? Where is life coming from? Life is born when the universe is broken into many pieces, which make things very interesting. Each little piece is thus only a very tiny part of the whole, thus very limited. Thus life is imperfection. Each little piece, broken out of the whole, will have its own initial focus. Thus life is diversity. We have to appreciate diversity, not to be caught up by our difference. But as life grows, it is shined by billions of other lives, which makes this life realize its own starting point and imperfection. Thus life is to grow bigger and hence be able to be more complete. Because of imperfection, there can be life, and the world is interesting and rich because of it. Thus imperfection is the only possible way of perfection. Equality is in our diversity. Diversity and growing is art. Without imperfection, there will be no beauty. Thus life is pursuing arts and let the beauty of arts lead you to perfection. Doing arts is space interacting with space, which is fun and playful.Life is beautiful. Life is colorful. Life is happy.

We are here to live our lives: play, grow and create lives,



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8 responses to “Where is life coming from?

  1. Yep, that’s correct in most extent. Where is, again, life coming from?

    It’s coming from the universal energy … most people call god(s).

    dull chimpanzee

  2. I don’t think the universe is originally pitch darkness – then what is light? how did it arise? pitch darkness is potential light. the universe has got to be both, at once — just like you said: “imperfection is the only way possible of perfection”

    the universe could be energy and space, in whatever form they are taking at any moment. It’s the different interactions of that energy and space that form the myriad complexity of the universe.

    then if the universe is an expression of the interaction of energy and space. so i’d say art is energy just playing in space, forming and unforming and interacting. and that is beautiful.

  3. Think of pitch darkness like the night without any light, or in the outer space there is no light. Think of Quantum physics. I don’t know detail of it. But remember the video article posted on one city blog? Out of original totally empty space two opposing units arise out of it. The light, and everything else in the world are born this way. So we say the “origin” of the universe is pitch darkness, which means completely emptiness, nothing at all. Surely we cannot “see” the origin of the universe anymore. But we can experience it. And we are experiencing it every day. Just my understanding.

  4. ist dast Energie …

    you may not see with bare eyes but you can sense it with all of your might (eg. the heat is one of its intangible manifestation). Universal energy can not be created or perished but it vibrates continuously and permanently creating, sustaining, destructing, holding the universe altogether. Just my understanding.

  5. What is energy, BabaliciouS? BTW, your blog looks cool.

  6. It is the true existence of self; the source of all kinds, the life.

    You are, indeed, best welcome at my blog, Freestone. Drop by some more if you got time.

  7. oh, I mean physically what is energy?

  8. The capacity to do work, any source of usable power; potential energy (E). It manifests into various substances, tangible and intangible, existing in our universe. In a nutshell, each an every matter exists due to its existence.

    For more of the like, put ‘universal energy’ keyword on my blog’s search box.

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