Open response to Tim O’reilly

Open response to Tim O’reilly’s keynote speech at Web2.0 Expo New York.

The keynote speaking today given by Tim O’reilly is very inspiring. Thank him for giving that kind of speech. In response to him, I want to talk about my thinking on these issues. I don’t have all the answers. I have some, which hopefully can get us to the next step.

I’ve been thinking about these since my childhood. So even I am still young, I have a lot of experiences of this. I can think about those since my childhood because I had a very wonderful childhood and I think life is precious. Thus I think everyone should have the opportunity to best pursue his life. Seeing many adults around me not able to do that promoted me to think about it.

Since then I have tried all my life to expand my knowledge and improve my understanding of the world. I have tried to learn many different things. They open myself up to various worlds of knowledge and help me understand the world we are living in.

O’reilly talked about all the one line slogans of MS and google. Those are what they are fighting for. What is my one line slogan? Two things. Bring out the true face of learning. Build a better playground.

Clay Shirky talked about a very good story of a student getting into trouble after starting a study group on the facebook. But in this story, I want to ask why people have to be forced to learn. Should they just participate in learning what they want to learn? What are all these energy wasted in trying to take a free ride and steal the answers. Obviously something is very worng with our education system.

Below is an assembly of links to my essays that you can read to get to know more of what I mean by “Bring out the true face of learning. Build a better playground.

Against Compulsory Schooling: from mass production to empowering individual professionals

Peace: what is peace and how to build peace in our world

Build a better playground

Featured Essays:


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