Why I choose New York

When I graduated from school, I was faced with a decision: whether to go to Scillicon Valley or go to New York. Since this is time of Web2.0 Expo at New York, I would like to write a little about why I chose New York.

First of all, I love Silicon Valley. I have been there and really liked it. For start-ups, it might be better to go there. But I think New York is a culture center, and I always software is a bridge between social science and physical science. Software is not just about computers. It is to give human consciousness a concrete form. Software, especially social software, is to solve problems and meet the challenges in the complex and highly human related domains. There are more artists communities and professionals communities in New York. To me, the future of software is to support these artists and professionals communities.  So this is the biggest reason why I have chosen New York.

I might be wrong in my choice. Especially in the short term, it seems it would have been easier if I go to Silicon Valley. In the long term, it is still hard to say that New York will win out.


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