Blogging is like writing software

One thing about blogging is that it is like writing software. I am able to get articles out quickly so readers who want to get an early look can read them. Usually before publishing them, I will proofread twice to get rid of obvious mistakes. For important essays, I will do a lot more revising and proofreading before publishing them. The same as writing software, I keep revising my articles. It is like an evolving process. I need to read my articles from time to time to remind myself my past experiences. So when I see something wrong, I will make changes immediately. Sometimes, I will find an article can link to another article, or some articles can be merged. So I will make changes accordingly.

So blogging is like writing software. It has different release versions. I am keeping releasing new versions. And it gets better in each version. For articles that are of higher quality and mature enough, I will put them in the Featured Essay category.

Without blogging, under traditional rigorous publishing there is no way for me to get my ideas out so quickly and be able to have written so much considering I have to do my regular job and many other things at the same time. One other advantage of blogging is the feedback you get through comments. I haven’t got many comments yet (well, I didn’t really promote my blog in various spheres.). But I wish more people can give comments and make it more a two way dialogs.


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