Has it been fair so far

Some of you might remember this is what Mike Gravel said when he was finally given a chance to speak at the democratic party primary debate.

Some friends of mine think that it is fair to only give Mike Gravel, Kucinich, or on this matter Ron Paul only a few mins because their percentage in the poll is very low. Here are my thoughts, especially given the current ridiculously detailed coverage of every move of the two major candidates.

First of all, the poll may not be accurate and may be manipulated. At least one poll online indicates that Mike Gravel is actually the candidate who shares the most opinions with the people about the current problems of our society (I remember that poll didn’t ask the voters about the candidates directly. The poll just asked people their opinions on various issues, and then the poll matched people’s opinions to the stances of various candidates, and found that Mike Gravel was a clear winner).

Now I was just very disgusted with the ridiculously detailed coverage of every move of the two major candidates. It is a lot of waste of people’s attention. What can you learn about politics from those coverages? I think it just make people more confused about politics. I have learned a lot from Mike Gravel’s campaign about democracy and law, and various issues of US. I think if people are given the chances to listen more to Mike Gravel, they will be much more educated about the problems we are facing today in America. It is in my judgment to say that it is ridiculous that these two candidates are given so much attention while other candidates like Mike Gravel or the Green Party candidates are not much heard of.  After hearing from Democracy Now that the Green Party has a black female on the ticket, I really want to hear more coverage of the Green Party candidates and know their stances on issues. But for several months I have not heard or read any coverage of them. All I read or heard is Obama and Mccain. To me, it is not just a waste of people’s time and attention. It is also a waste of paper. Sorry about the wording. It is just truly how I feel about the nature of the whole matter. I think people’s life is precious. It saddens me to see their time wasted.

Furthermore, I suspect that this ridiculous analysis of every word these two candidates said make the whole matter very chatty. And we know when people become very chatty, they become suspicious of everything. So in this sense, don’t you think that the coverage of presidential election has an effect similar to TV boxes, making people passive and numb instead of being informed?  So my suggestion is: calm down a little, turn you attention to other candidates for a while. Even their percentage in the poll is very low, what they said are probably a lot important than that poll number. It is important probably just because it is different. If you haven’s spent much time to look into what they said, it might be worth you spending some time on it. If after you read it for a while, you decide there is nothing new or it does not make sense, you can still turn away. I feel the importance in the time of our current crisis for people to be exposed to more diverse views and seek the possible answers. What the media is doing by not giving more coverage of so-called second-tier candidates is stifling the life of this country and driving it into deeper crisis.

If you want to get real education of politics, I think it is better to read Noam Chomsky than following every move of the two candidates. Waste of time. Just make your more confused. That is why people don’t have time to think about why US spends 600 billion dollars a year on war while it can fix various global problems and save the planet with only 180 billion dollars. I hope the two candidates can make me understand why US spends over half of its budget on military and spends more money than the entire rest of the world spends on military (things that kill people and destroy our planet). Isn’t this a bloody robbery of American people and people around the world?

In the recent visit to Columbia University by both candidates, they both stated their support for military and asked Columbia University to bring back ROTC. You won’t be surprised by Mccain making such kind of remark. But Obama? Here is what he said:

“But the notion that young people—here at Columbia or anywhere in any university—aren’t offered the choice, the option of participating in military service, I think is a mistake.”

If you want to waste more time, here is the link to this interview of Obama and Mccain at: http://www.columbiaspectator.com/node/55573

This is an important election in a time of crisis. America, with all its resources, cannot give some other candidates more chances to have their voices heard and offer its people more choices. This is ridiculours.


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