A world of feelings

In Chinese Buddhism, we say that the human world is a world of feelings while the rest are the worlds of no feelings (not sure how to translate this exactly). When we see anything, a building, a tree, from human being’s perspective, we see them through feelings. They invoke our feelings.

However, coming to a foreign culture gives you the chance to experience the world of no feelings. It is like entering a vacuum.  It is strange to see all those strong feelings that I have take as my existence itself can become so groundless when you enter a new culture.  After a long while, after being able to break through the language barrier for some degree and being able to interact more with people and culture here, I start to emerge from the world of no feelings back to the world of feelings.

Up to now, my feelings in the past, for the most part are coming back to me. When I see people walking on the street, children coming back from school, I will remember my past in China. Human world is a world of feelings. It is feelings that connect things together.


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Filed under Chan/Zen, Cross Culture Communication

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