Two different philosophies of life and society

In the east, the philosophy is how individuals can best utilize the resource of their own limited body. So it emphasizes how you can reach your best potential through training of your body and mind. It emphasizes the maximum use of the resource available and not to waste any. Thus even in a society of turmoil, you would be able to survive.

The western philosophy, however, tends to focus more on creating external resource outside of your body. Western cultures are obsessed with creating material wealth. So the west is more reliant on external resources and even there are a lot of waste, for them it is ok . For example, the invention of credit card is an financial resource you can fall back on. It gives you the security that when you run out of money you can borrow first and pay back later. This can be convenient in some life-saving situations. The west relies more on the law and enforcement of law as the external mechanism that can prevent the flaws of man from harming individuals, while the east more relies on the virtuousness of the people.

It is hard to say which one is better. But it would be nice if the two can be combined to remedy each other.

This is a random thought.



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2 responses to “Two different philosophies of life and society


    Hi Freestone,

    You are right about the West being more external. Many want someone else to pay for their poor judgment, don’t know how to cook a simple meal, use one credit card to pay another, and pay someone else to clean up the dog poop in their backyard (with a credit card of course.)

    Take care,


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