Islands and Ocean

I feel our spiritual space or social space has been like islands in the past. People have a large range of spiritual needs. In the past, the resources or services to meet spiritual needs are very scarce. They are like islands. But we are going to see an explosion of social services/products to meet the full spectrum of people’s spiritual/social needs. They will be like the ocean. All these are powered by the web and social software. Web lowers the barrier for people to come together to provide various services to enrich people’s life. The world of our consciousness is more connected and fully expressed.



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2 responses to “Islands and Ocean

  1. very interesting.

    I came to the same conclusion coming off a totally different tangent this weekend.

    For work purposes, I went to the NY Anime Fest at the Javits Center, on Sat afternoon. (for those unfamiliar, anime is the primarily Japanese world of animated characters – the film and tv version of manga. it features richly detailed fantasy worlds and outrageously drawn characters)

    the attendees were mainly 10 to 18 years old — and GEEKY. most were dressed as their favorite characters (part of cosplay, from “costume play”) But the atmosphere was so much fun and there was so much community and interdependent support! everyone took pix of each other, and there was much complimenting of others. not competitive or icky at all.

    Lots of creativity and energy–and what struck me was these kids were not merely passive consumers of anime, but co-creators of the anime universe as well.

    so I thought how the internet’s web and social software let these “islands” of formerly isolated fans come together and be themselves w/o fear of ridicule. it was quite beautiful and fun, in its own way, and would have been impossible without today’s technology and software tools for interconnection.

    These kids weren’t lonely and isolated at all. They weren’t sucking down culture like pablum, they were making it. There were no lonely geeks, and that’s a marvelous thing.

  2. That is cool, Ellen! That is definitely what is happening. Our consciousness is connected into ocean.

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