A list of modern Chinese writers

Now here is a list of modern Chinese writers that I have learned quite tremendously from:

Wang Xiaobo: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wang_Xiaobo ) He died in 1997, only about 45 years old. In my opinion, he is the greatest writer of modern Chinese. He has found the way to write beautifully with the plain Chinese. His novels read like poetry, and full of imagination. At the same time, because of his training in science (he is very fond of mathematics), his novel has a power that is rarely seen in other writers. I learned tremendously from him.

Li Ao: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Ao ) a writer in Taiwan. He was born and raised in mainland China and went to Taiwan with his father at the end of civil war in 1949. His writing has a strong flavor of traditional written Chinese, but still concise and beautiful. I like his personality very much. He is always very optimistic. And he is a very good practitioner in life and had been through many things in life. He devoted his whole life fighting for individual freedom of Chinese. He had sacrificed personally fighting for freedom of speech in Taiwan. (He was jailed for 10 years). He is a very good speaker. I am glad someone translated his speech in Beijing University: http://zonaeuropa.com/20050924_1.htm
In that speech, Li Ao tried very hard to convey to Chinese people the way to obtain their freedom. I highly recommend this speech.  Personally I believe he is the best example of living Buddhism in real world (although he never claimed himself as a Buddhist).

Lung Yingtai: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lung_Yingtai ). She is very honest with life and a ardent practitioners. Her way of looking at cultures (and how culture interacts with people) have a huge impact on me.

Steven N. S. Cheung: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_N.S._Cheung ) I learned a lot from him about  economics, especially classic economics. However, I think he has a too economic-centered view, and I don’t think you can explain human society with pure economics.



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  1. han eun ra

    i just read a novel whose name is”How far is forever?” in my language. And now, i want to read it in offical language(chinese), but i don’t know the writer’s english name. So can u help me?

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