About the collider

I watched the 60 mins interview of the scientists doing the experiment of the particle collision in Europe (Large Hadron Collider). I don’t have time to read into the physics of the whole collider thing and thus I cannot comment any on it. Just from my observation of the scientists being interviewed, I have an impression that they are not happy people. One guy was especially intense. When asked why they need to do this experiment, he immediately snapped back saying it was human curiosity to know everything. My comments on that is he doesn’t know he doesn’t need to know everything. If he knows that, he will be a happy person. I thus concerned about this kind of people doing this kind of important research. Furthermore, from my work in social software, I know we are building the best society ever in human history. To me, I would rather slow down some other physical research until we move further ahead in building this better society so the whole society can be at a much safer position. I feel in this kind of experiment, there is always some risk. It is always how much stake you are willing to risk. I feel if those scientists know about this great hope of humanity in our time they might realize that they are taking too much risk and they should wait until the risk is much much lower. They should know what is at stake. It is everything. There are always human flaws. We don’t want any human flaw to be part of this kind of scientific research. Some scientists might just be more concerned with their own fame than with the whole humanity’s future. I am especially concerned when seeing these scientists are not happy people.

CERN invented WWW. But do (all of) they really understand what WWW means for humanity? I know very confidently the current science is very far from the real understanding of the deepest truth of the universe, which actually can be experienced by mediators even thousands of years ago. There will be many things that will be out of the scientists’ expectation.

See the article from NY Times:

The last sentence of the above article: “As in all explorations of uncharted domains, there may be a risk,” Dr. Rees wrote, “but there is a hidden cost of saying no.”
My response is that seriously there is no hidden cost of saying no. The attitude of the scientists as I have read is completely wrong.
Another quote from the article: “Some risk is acceptable, even inevitable, in the pursuit of knowledge, they say, and they trust the physicists who have built it. ”
–This is completely wrong.

“One report put the odds of a strangelet disaster at less than one in 50 million, less than a chance of winning some lottery jackpots.”
–what? Are you crazy? Do you scientists still have some common sense?

Curiosity without responsibility is stupidity.


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