Software programming for everybody

When software programming is made so easy, it is a revolution. I am referring to python and its web frameworks. Programming with python is like writing articles. Instead of writing things down, I just write them into software directly. In a sense, this is the true writing. The writing is not static, but dynamic, and it more fully represents the thoughts/knowledge, which are dynamic and running, and can be interacted with in a totally different level from static writing in words.

With the emergence of all the social software on the web, we see that more and more people need to program themselves to better utilize all the data that is on the web and meet their own specific needs. With this happening, the human world is going to be ushered into a totally new area of knowledge sharing. The significance at least can be compared to that of the invention of paper and printing technology.

Here is Computer Programming for Everybody by Python author Guido.


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