Two great things of human civilization

It was said that the two great things of human civilization are the scientific method of the west and the meditation practice of the east.

It is interesting that I finished most of my scientific training in China, and I didn’t get a chance to practice Buddhism intensively until I came to US (intensively might not be the right word since I always take a light-hearted attitude towards studying of Buddhism. I always spend most of my energy focusing on my arts of life. For things I deem important to learn, like computer programming, liberal arts, I aggressively use brutal forces to bombard them. 🙂 ).

For China, for the past two centuries, it has been a history of learning from the west, especially the western tradition of science. But up to my time, I could say that China still didn’t have the spirit of science and China hasn’t developed a system of science, although the great minds in China have tried generation after generation to instill the spirit and system of science in the Chinese culture.

I started meditation practice in China but I couldn’t find a good teacher in China. I guess all the best teachers come to US. 🙂  It is very interesting to me to see the transformation that the western culture is going through.


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