Late night rant at the eve of the election day

Here is the instant runoff vote:

Another thing I am thinking of is why people have to vote in one single day? Why not vote in a period of, say, 3 months, or 6 months? If so, the fraud usually associated with electronic voting machine shouldn’t be  a big problem because you would have enough time to check and verify the vote. Since it is electronic, any voting irregularity is probably very easy to spot. We all know there are a lot of frauds with paper ballot and how both parties manipulate the votes at the local levels. With electronic voting matching or people voting online, the fraud is probably much smaller than paper ballot and can be more easily spotted. Seeing some states wasting money going back and forth between electronic voting machine and paper ballot, I wonder why. If the election period is extended to 3 months for example, the e-voting machine’s fraud problem should be more easily kept under control. Maybe people can also update their votes any time until the deadline.

I just thought of all these these days. I already stopped paying attention to politics, feeling they are not where the real change is. But now I think of it, there are a lot of opportunities that we can make the voting system much better.

There are many ways to make the voting more scientific and more fair. The votes will more reflect public opinions, rather than being turned into a political game.  Third parties and independent might really have a chance this way.

There are many things in America that appear to be bizarre and ridiculous to me. The election is one of them. With all its strong scientific foundation and its powerful polling and survey system, America still cannot come up with a better voting system. This is ridiculously not making sense to me.

The election is still fights between institutions, instead of expression of individual choices. (More sadly, none of these institutions really represent the interest of the people.) Hope the next president can address this.

Don’t forget this: you can still write in Mike Gravel, the only choice for American people.


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One response to “Late night rant at the eve of the election day

  1. Jack

    Nice rant. America needs voting reforms that allow choices and voters to breathe. Instant runoffs are a great start (more good info at and proportional representation systems (like choice voting. will lead to shared power.

    Keep on keeping on….

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