When you walk

When you walk, you are just walking. You are not making any decision. Then the space opens up, and you experience the unlimited space that is beyond any concept. All thinking and concepts are limited space. No matter how wonderful the thinking and concepts are, they are limited and are for the convenience of the human being compared to the unlimited space that you already know. Yes, without thinking, you are already directly connected to this unlimited space.

So Buddhism practice is to first have clear deep experience with that unlimited space which you know it originally. Thus sitting meditation and further walking meditation are important. Thus we need to do sitting meditation every day. Just simply sit down, and get yourself back to that unlimited space that you know originally.

Once you have that experience, and know what you already know, it will be the time to talk about what you don’t know and how you can “learn” of things you don’t know. That is the topic of relative, dynamic and life. As I said, impermanence is the only way for permanence to manifest itself and also have life. Diversity is the only way for equality to manifest itself and also have life.


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