Revolutionary Road

Yes, she (April) was a little insane. Her whole mind was on getting out of the current mundane life. But you need to be a little insane sometimes to change something that is very wrong.

The daily mundane things are real, they are not cliche. It takes a long of courage to overcome them. Like John (the guy who is not well) said, money is never the biggest deal.

What do you really feel?

The director has a good feel of the baseline of human nature. Shep (the husband of the neighboring family)  really felt the pain when the death of April Wheeler were talked about, while his wife was more just talking about a thing that just happened. But she is able to go back to the baseline and promise not to mention it again. The wife was only talking about the death of April as something somehow superficial. For the husband, however, it is really heart-felt loss. When he said he didn’t want April mentioned anymore, she could understand it. They went back to the baseline again.

Although Frank was very angry many times, he never really hated April or wanted April to disappear. He still cared about her. They went back to the baseline.

When April died, Frank is running. that is the moment he was really feeling. If Frank had felt earlier what kind of pressure April was going through, maybe he would have made a different decision regarding whether to go to Paris or stay.

Her self abortion is an attempt to live. But it turned out to be a suicidal attempt. When she died, how do u feel, Frank? What matters? How should you live now?


I wonder how many girls are like April? Is that a general case, or just a special one? As a guy, do you like a woman who is more just wanting to settle down with someone and satisfied with being provided or someone who are seeking a more full-filling life and something different? April is rare. Normally women are the ones that want a comfortable life (I said normally. But actually I doubt it.). But she wanted to support her husband.  Women who don’t want any change are probably just women who are scared of life.

For a guy, you have to find what you love for your life. Otherwise, it will eventually turn into a tragedy. A guy without any talent is shit.

As for acting, in a few moments, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet well conveyed the mind of the character.

Later I learned that the director is the same director American Beauty, which is one of my favoriate movies. No wonder. He has such a good grasp on this topic.

Ever since my childhood, my life is about how I can keep learning so that my life can be continuously intresting like my childhood. It is certainly a huge challenge. So I reasonate a lot with movies that address this topic.


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