Buddha’s teaching

When I read of Buddha’s sutra, it is always very clear.

For example,

“Like smelting gold ore, the gold does not exist as the result of smelting. Though it regains the original golden quality, it is perfected only after the process of smelting. Once it becomes true gold, it cannot become ore again.”

So our Buddha nature is like the gold ore, it is within everyone of us. It is just not pure yet. Thus we need the process of smelting to purify it. But you don’t say you obtained anything, because the gold is there already.

Although Buddha said it is not the student’s fault if the student is fooled by a wrong teacher, I think in the our modern time the student needs to bear certain responsibility as well since there are already so much human wisdom accumulated in our time in various human civilizations. You should know that the popular books you are reading today no one will read them in one hundred years.


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