Bush declared war on geese

Thought about this today. Then googled internet, found some other people also thought about this. Below is a good one:

During his last days in office, Bush declared the war on geese. Bush called the geese the axis of evil and declared them terrorists. In his speech, Bush said the geese took down our airplane because they hated our freedom (to fly in their sky?).  Bush called for a preemptive strike on all the geese around the globe. “You are either with us or against us. Any country that harbor geese is the enemy of Unites States”, Bush said in his speech.

Obama did a follow up after Bush’s speech. Obama said he was not against wars. But he was against the war on geese because it would cost too much. He said he was not concerned of geese being killed. However, he was concerned that American people’s tax dollar being squandered. We should focus on the war in Afghanistan and he wold keep all options on the table against Iran including nuclear weapons, Obama said. Obama was speaking to a large crowd of people cheering for change and hope with signs like change you can believe in. At the same time, it was reported that MLK was crying in heaven.

war on geese

war on geese


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