Python Design Philosophy and the Principle of Playing

Read of Python’s Design Philosophy on python Python’s BDFL’s blog.

Below I quote those lines that clearly embodies the principle of playing.

BTW, from that blog post, I can see why python succeeded where abc didn’t.

Do one thing well (The “UNIX philosophy”)–this is exactly the principle of playing.

A large complex system should have multiple levels of extensibility. This maximizes the opportunities for users, sophisticated or not, to help themselves.

“Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler.” — surely the essence of principle of playing. This is very important for people to be able to play together.

Borrow ideas from elsewhere whenever it makes sense.– the principle of playing emphasizing on playing with each other. Borrowing ideas is an extended form of playing with each other.

Don’t try for perfection because “good enough” is often just that.

(Hence) it’s okay to cut corners sometimes, especially if you can do it right later.

Don’t bother users with details that the machine can handle (I didn’t always follow this rule and some of the of the disastrous consequences are described in later sections).

Support and encourage platform-independent user code, but don’t cut off access to platform capabilities or properties (This is in sharp contrast to Java.)


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