Relationship and Buddhism practice

Listened to the talk given by Purna Steinitz of the Trimurti Ashram in the IDP.

Since he didn’t leave much time for asking questions, I didn’t get the chance to ask my question. But here you are.

First I want to make some modification to his definition of relationship. He said relationship is to observe the other being… I would like to change it to that relationship is to realize the other being IS yourself.

He put a lot of emphasis on practicing Buddhism in the relationship. Since Buddhism practice is about realizing your self, I would ask him to dive deeper into explaining how to practice realizing the self in the relationship. When do you have a self? When you don’t have self? He said in a relationship you still need to ask what you want. He also said it is after 10 (?) years of relationship he started to realize something different. What is it then?


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