self exists

People practicing Buddhism know that Buddhism teaches of no-self. But here I want to tell you that self exists.

Why do I say self exists? Self exits because you have it.

People like to say that there is no self because you cannot find a solid separate independent entity as self. Saying that sounds like there is a solid separate independent entity of something else. Buddhism doesn’t deny existence.  So what exists then?

I say self exists also because we probably can find a material basis for that self. If we envision (surely we are speculating a little here) every thought like a bubble in your mind, then concept of self also have a material basis. When you have a concept of self, probably there is some material generated and it stands in between your being and your direct experience. So this self is quite real and it hinders you from performing your activities. When you have a self, that self keeps doing self-generated activities. So all your problems come up.

However,Buddhism insists that there is no self. That is just because Buddhism is very stubborn, and many people don’t understand that.

As we are living our lives, e.g. as we are doing our activities, we have a self which is embraced by our past (memory) and future (expectation). Otherwise, how do you know what you want to do next? How do you make decisions? The self is also embraced by inside and outside. The split of male and female is the different take on that split of inside and outside. So you have a self. And we say that self is born out of the parents of past and future, inside and outside (subject and object). You recognize the world because of the split of subject and object. Although the self is born, it doesn’t have to be separate from its parents. The parents will take care of the self. However, if the self is separated from the parents, all problems come up. When you are just doing the activity, you still recognize things and you are functioning. But your self is not separated from your parents. This is a big topic, we can talk about this in another post.

So we see how terriblely wrong it is to just blankly state that there is no self.


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