Start posting soon

Sorry I haven’t been able to post much on this blog recently. After returning from China, I opened a Chinese blog so I can write for my parents, relatives and friends in China. This trip made me realize that I owed them too much all these years. There were many sad things that wouldn’t have happened if I were in China. I feel very bad about it and try to make up for it.



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6 responses to “Start posting soon

  1. astorkejere

    Hello, I want to say hi everyone.

  2. Sandra Dalene VanAlstine – Wanted to introduce myself

    Sandra Dalene VanAlstine

  3. Triessyheerie

    This look interesting,so far.
    If there are any real people here looking to network, leave me a post.
    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


  4. absodonib

    My PC worked not correctly, too much mistakes and buggs. Help me, please to fix buggs on my computer.
    I used Windows XP.
    With best regards,

  5. I seen a thread on this webmaster forum today talking about Local RSS and was wondering if anyone know of any good site that have local feeds that I can use for my wordpress blog plugin wp-o-matic?

    I appreciate your help. I tried the common sense way by searching google and can’t seem to find anything with any value to it and mainly I want the top rss I can find, but really one site so far.

    Also, I don’t see an rss feed for this forum. Do you have a rss? If so I would like to subscribe! Your forum seems pretty cool so added ya’ to my favorites.



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