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A few principles of life

I summarized a few principles that I hold up to in my life:
Never be afraid of hardworking and taking pains when you need to,
Never get lost, always be awake,
Never do something that you will regret later,
Never lose the direct connection with the world.


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Woman is stillness, man is dynamic

Note: Writing this in America or in the west, I think many people will accuse me of sexism. 🙂 I just hope people don’t take me seriously. Stillness is the source of the world. Life is in the dynamic. This world is a calm perfect world full of life.

Dynamic is to admit that life is a dynamic evolving process,
it is to admit that life has limitation,
so you need to expand to pursue the perfection,
this is the source of man;
Stillness is the source of the world,
the world is already perfect,
this is the source of woman.
The life of man is to pursue the perfection of infinite large,
the life of woman is to return to the perfection of infinite small.
Because of woman, man can reach the infinite large,
since the world is already perfect.
Losing the stillness and ease, there is no way to reach the infinite large.
Because of man, woman can truly return to the perfection of infinite small,
since the world has many limitation and you have to learn how to face them.
The world is in fact in an evolving process. The stillness has to be achieved in the dynamic.
The perfection of infinite large and infinite small,
are the same kind of perfection.
This world,
is very perfect, is also very limited.
It is still, it is also dynamic.
Stillness and dynamic are of the same body,
it was split into two,
seeking and seeking,
full of wonders.
Every entity,
is already perfect.
The so called male and female,
are just stubbornness.

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