Ralph Nader reached me

I mean I watched the documentary An Unreasonable Man, and finally got to know this man.

Surely I have known him for a long time. But I didn’t pay a lot of attention to him. I thought he was not shrewd enough and couldn’t finish the sentences within the time. I also didn’t feel very strongly about the cause of consumer advocacy then.

I knew that Li Ao (one of my most favorite writer and speaker) has Ralph Nader’s poster on his wall. I also knew that Mike Gravel gave Ralph Nader very high praises. So when I saw the documentary An Unreasonable Man on Netflix, I decided to give it a try.

Thus I had a chance to find out that Ralph Nader is actually quite a great man and that he has sacrificed a lot for this country. It is too sad that so few Americans really know about him.

I am not going to say much here to convince you he is really a great man. There are a lot of info on the documentary that you can check out.

I only want to say a little about Nader’s run for the President. If you see the same facts that Nader sees, you will reach the same rational conclusion that Nader should run for the President. Ralph Nader saw the severity of the crisis and he saw the huge difference that would be made if a candidate that really represents people’s interests can be elected. Too bad that people don’t listen to him. Both candidates from the two major parties are only to keep the system going down the hill.

Nader is a very reasonable man.

I wrote this with the hope that you might start to dig more into him. I almost missed this great person myself. A lot of times it takes a little more digging to find out what a person really is. The same with Mike Gravel. I knew what he did in Pentagon Paper. So I looked forward to his performance in the Democrat Primary debate. I ran through the first debate on youtube very quickly, I wasn’t very impressed. Until a while later, I decided to give a more close look of his performance in other debates. Then I found out he is really a great person. In every debate, he was only give a few minutes to talk. So it was surely very hard to find out about him from one debate. But as you listen more and more to his speeches elsewhere, you start to really find out about him. With Obama, I was impressed by his speech in 2004 Democrat Convention. So I looked forward to his performance in the Democrat Primary debates. I was so disappointed. As you listen more and more to him, you found out this guy has no substance. He speaks the same empty rhetoric as W.Bush, except he speaks with the left leaning ideologies instead of ultra conservative ideologies. Some people might find some of his quotes deep. But to me, you can easily come up with those quotes if you have read enough. There is no personal experiences behind them. At least no deep experiences.

So I hope you dig more into Ralph Nader and I hope he can reach you too. Too bad that great men like Gravel and Nader gets ignored. That says a lot about the real problems of this country. Ralph Nader’s running for the President is to address those real problems. However, people scolding him as spoiler don’t see those real problems. How does it feel for him to be brushed aside like nothing while he put all his life sacrificing for this country (and he knows better than any other people the real problems facing this country)?



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2 responses to “Ralph Nader reached me

  1. *clap clap clap*

    I already love Nader…and now because of your post I will listen to some Mike Gravel as well…

    Wondering if you were aware that the woman who made An Unreasonable Man is named Henriette Mantel…She is not only a stand-up comedienne, she played Alice in the remake of the Brady Bunch Movie and was pretty dead on in that role I thought…

    Anyway..thank you for sharing your experience…it was refreshing to read…

    All Good Things,

  2. The best thing of knowing of people like Nader or Gravel is that you get to know a lot of smart and interesting people.

    I’ve been to your site. It is a great site with a lot of useful info.

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