My spoof of Mandala

myspaceThis is mandala of how I live my life.
Surely Zen is at the center of everything.

Then there are those things that I practice everyday. They are the kind of things that allows me to do things efficiently and effectively during a day. For example, Daily Activity (morning to night) includes the practice of Killing myself in the early morning. English (language, dynamic) is the basic skills of how to interact with society dynamically. E-life is to use web to improve productivity and social interaction in term of learning and playing.

Then is the layer of a few concrete projects that I am working on everyday. These are like my jobs. I have to continuously make progress in them. These are my major activities. OSL is Open Source Learning. CCC is Cross Culture Communication.

Outside of my major activities, are things that I learn extensively. After I finish my work in my major activities, if I find extra time I will try to engage myself in some more extensive learning. But I don’t feel pressured that I have to continuously make progress in them.

Note: surely I need to improve on my drawing skills.


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