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Anger, suffering, and self

It is said in Buddhism that all sufferings are because of the illusionary concept of self. If you have an illusionary concept of self, you will have sufferings. Here sufferings refer to all kinds of emotions that trouble your mind. Because of the illusionary concept of self and mistaking things in this world and your body in this world as something that exist permanently, all troubles/sufferings arise.

From my experiences, many Buddhism practitioners think that out of many emotions, anger is one that is ok to have.

But isn’t anger a suffering? It doesn’t do any good to anyone or help solving the problem. (Surely I am excluding pretended/controlled anger here, which doesn’t lose the love for the other person and is not of ignorance.)

So if you have anger, is that because you have an illusionary concept of self? If you don’t have that illusionary concept of self, will you still have anger?


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