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google access problems

Sure, I mean access problems in mainland China. I list these because I (and many many people here) don’t want to use Baidu. not accessible at all if you choose not to be switched to, which is now directed to

Querying sensitive words on, will have no results returned. I propose google should implement encrypted search.

Clicking on any cached pages in returns nothing, even if you are just querying some tech web pages. This means all google cache are blocked. search is still defaulted to safe search and now I cannot find where to switch on normal search anymore. (Sure, we know that on, the default is the normal search). And with that safe search, some funny things will happen.


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baidu’s stock gain over google’s loss

天下熙熙皆为利来,天下攘攘皆为利往。 This is an ancient Chinese saying. It means people in the world rushing here and there, they are all for their own profits. Even Google’s heroic act cannot stop average Americans from reaping profits over Google’s loss.  Not to mention Baidu is a company exactly opposite of Google. I mean that Baidu is totally shameless and without any integrity. Even in a country who values the freedom of speech the most, people are not willing to stand up for their value and they stamp over the hero who stood up for the value, and they cheer for the guy who is exactly the opposite of the value. Something must be fundamentally wrong.

Really, what Baidu deserves is to be banned from American stock market.

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Why love and marriage are important

Love is easy. Marriage is difficult. Two people to live a life together is difficult. If the two people cannot give totally to the other, it is not a marriage. It is then not true love, but false love.

Thus (true) love is your real teacher.

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