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Books and stuff that I want to read

A friend was asking me for a book list. I don’t really have a book list at this point. And I usually read quite extensively and seldom read a book from the beginning to the end. So I think it might be better if I share some of my reading interests recently.

I am interesting in American Literature. And I treat it as a very good way to understand American history. It makes you feel the history.

The history of science. How each field is opened up?

Visual arts. Leonardo da Vinci’s notes, and some other writers.

Folk songs, like Bob Dylan’s books.

Ancient India civilization. Especially what are the society and culture like in Buddha’s time?

Cultures of various countries.

Greek Mythologies, Greek Operas. How they embodies human characters in those demigods.

Anarchism. Spanish civil war, social forum, Noam Chomsky, practice in south America, Argentina after the crisis, also open source, open…, and so on

Understanding of each historical time. For example, Spring and Autumn period, ancient Greek, ancient India, Renaissance time, the rise of science, the rise of market and capitalism, how they raise the issue of rights of man and the concept of law, and so on, the rise of industrialization, how the market come into being, and how the ideas come up and how the policies and institutions are formed in those areas, the revolutionary era of America, and how we understand our time based on our understanding of those times.

American civil war era, civil rights era.

New science, consciousness and society. Seed magazine focuses quite a lot on this.

Since I am in China now, I am also reading quite extensively of the works of contemporary writers or artists in China in order to understand the world I am in.


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