Openness, peace and equality

Openness is very important. It is highly valuated in the west. When I was in the states, it was amazing to see how open the western society is. This is quite foreign to us orientals. I do think that openness benefits the whole society, and we should be as open as we can. Although I can understand openness doesn’t mean simple-minded and people should still be able to decipher hidden msgs of the nature, for the general beings and the whole society, openness is always better.

Peace and equality are the most important things. Zen is called art of all arts, including Martial Arts of course. But even in Martial Arts, it is still about peace, and the highest form of it cannot be achieved without peace. Peace and equality are in everything we are doing. For example, when we are playing, either with objects or with other people, it is peace and equality at play. But life has a stage of initiation at the beginning, which you can say something is wrong.

This world has many imperfections. You need to learn to deal with and live with these imperfections.

Religion is not important. We can do without religion.  As the westerners are trying to learn from the wisdom of the east, they should not forget their own wisdom (science, for example). Actually I don’t think they will forget. It is just that Buddhism hasn’t reached the best minds in the west yet (some, but not enough). Buddhism, together with software, can help science break its current dilemma and become more complete, just as Christopher Alexander said in his book Nature of Order.

Together with science, Buddhism can help us understand better of mind and its material basis. Understanding ourselves should be the major topic of learning in the future.  The contemplative methods, aided with software, can help the mass better understand themselves and learn better. Human learning will be transformed fundamentally and true face of learning will emerge!


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