Thomas Paine came to America

With all the debates on immigration reform in congress, I hope Americans can have a bigger vision for their future in thinking of these. If Americans worried that Thomas Paine may steal American jobs, American  revolution probably would never have happened. I am not sure of the exact historical situation then. Reading from the wikipedia, “Paine emigrated to the British American colonies in 1774 with the help of Benjamin Franklin and he arrived in time to participate in the American Revolution”.

When I was in graduate school, I had a close American friend. He is a very excellent photographer and has been puring his passion in photography for decades. But he didn’t want to sell himself out to corporations. At that time he couldn’t even afford to buy a secondhand mac computer to do do his work (photo editing). (Nevertheless he is very generous in donating money to non-profit organizations.)  I thought then that for him to sacrifice so much for pursuing his passion was already very counter-productive to what he wanted to do. Well, now I find myself in the same situation as he was, having to spend quite a lot of time on money-saving. I recently saw his works on facebook. Really awesome works!

For me, I just want to be able to completely focus on what I like to do and not to be bothered by the money issues. So I  knew very little of things related to insurance, 401 and so on. I never want to waste time on them. Also I never want to waste time on paperwork. It is too distracting. I also don’t like to bother friends with anything. I felt pretty bad having done all these recently. The tedious process also wears you down and consumes all of your time. I hate to see so much time spent on unproductive work. For everything, you had better take it easy if you are not there yet.

A very important lesson I have had in my life is that I have to trust myself. If I trust others more than myself and my own experiences and reasoning, I will be doomed for a big setback. I had that lesson before. It made me feeling very bad and made me resolved not to repeat that kind of mistake anymore.  After all, Dharma is my teacher. I will be responsible for my own life. For whatever I have received in my life, I am always very grateful and set aside my time to return the love and consider their needs when making decisions of my life, like I did for my parents. As in Chinese culture, parents like to make decisions for their children no matter how old their children are, we need to keep in mind that trusting oneself and being responsible for oneself is the foundation of happiness for one’s life. If it is some kind of experience that no where else I can get advices on and only people who have lived through it know it and it is impossible for me to try, for example the relation btw language and development of consciousness, I would appreciate if someone can offer their experiences on that.

Last updated: Feb 27th.


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