About Me

Designer of Knowledge Engine to make real life learning the future mainstream learning/education

Grow/Learn,Have fun/Play, Create;

Love, Beauty, Freedom;

Business, Liberal arts, Tech.

My mission: Bring out the true face of learning!

Sudbury Valley School Model, to me, is the perfect model for children. I want to expand this model to the whole society including adults. I am a professional software engineer and software architect. I have worked more than 10 years to realize the real life learning and to make it the mainstream learning/education in the future. I have rich learning experiences and teaching experiences. If you have the same vision and passion, I welcome you to work with me. Join me at: http://www.opensourcelearning.org

Learn of emptiness in the way of emptiness. Playing with the emptiness is really fun. Playing is to manifest our emptiness. Creating is the most fun, and it is playing with emptiness in our deep core and at the same time exchanging love with the world.

I am interested in how internet and web can change the way people organize and cooperate with each other (pretty much what the history of human being is about), and more essentially to pursue the art of their lives. Right now, my focus is on achieving the mission of unschooling with the aid of a web platform. I think it will change the world peacefully and fundamentally.

Computer Science, to me, is a bridge between physical science and human science. Finally, we will have a tool to explore human science, and the science won’t be divided anymore (Take a look of Nature of Order). To be really good at CS, you will have to be very good at both physical science and human science.

Software/web2.0 is a good tool to make Social Product. Our current and future era are less about producing physical products, but more about how to produce better social products. It is really about what makes us happy.

As compulsory schooling was engineered to dumb people down to serve the mass production of physical product, in the age of social product, the barriers that were once set up will be torn down, the true face of learning will be revealed, and learning will finally be open and free.

Last, please repeat with me: School screws guru. Guru screws school.

If you want to contact me, please leave a comment below.


6 responses to “About Me

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  2. Pingback: Comments on “ARISTOTLE” (THE KNOWLEDGE WEB) « A hacker of the Internet for the purpose of growth, fun, and creation

  3. Learning, for a human being, should of course include many many subjects. Otherwise, the individual cannot understand himself/herself and the world. To understand the space we live in, we have to learn everything.

    When students are in school, they should just learn everything they don’t know. They don’t need to read everything in full details, like what they do in a classroom environment. But they can benefit tremendously if they don’t limit themselves to just a bunch of subjects.

    I feel this should be natural and obvious to everyone. The question needs to be asked is: how come it becomes a research topic?

  4. Thank you so much for your insights. Let me share a similar perspective:

    Through out history, human consciousness has been both enabled and constrained by language and other media of communication in thinking, learning, and understanding the nature of ourselves, our society, and our universe.

    The Internet infrastructure and it’s operating systems is a projection of our physical nervous system, our cognitive process, our collective memory, and, maybe, our collective wisdom. The nature of the Web medium both enables and challenges us to expand our consciousness in multiple dimensions.

    The Web we weave is the Story of the Human Experience. The Greatest Story Ever Told. A Story about Everything in a medium that unfolds its true nature: multi-dimensional, collaborative, globally accessible, never ending.

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