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Language, mind, software learning, and liberal arts

5 years of fighting in China, I experienced true love and felt free. 7 years of fighting in US, I am stilling struggling with many basic things. This fight has been so long.

In order to form memory, the mind is trying to reach some more solid ground, some kinds of conclusion. In doing so, it has the tendency of shifting away from the real original experience, jumping into conclusion, or out of habit, interpret the new experience according to old long stuck views and reinforce the old view (either plus or minus). So to avoid this, it is important to at the time of significant experience, acknowledge what is truly experienced or the more reliable evidence as is, don’t jump into any conclusion, just keep what you can reach as is. This, of course, is the function of the notebook.

The same as our bodies subject to various forces, our minds also subject to various forces. For example, past, present, future. When we see or hear things, they are all forces. Forces are applied to create memory, to recall memory… How do you tame your mind?

As I can envision, since software is my art of life, by achieving greatness in this art, I will have a lot more grounds to play other things. Indeed, everything will be natural after that. But to achieve the greatness in my art, I need the same level in other arts as I had in China. At least, I need more space, more familiarity with various kinds of space. That is where the great flexibility of software learning comes from. (For example, project choosing. Choosing which tech to learn and being very brave with it. Use the bottom layer knowledge with great flexibility and accuracy. More aware of the context. Be brave and intuitive to use direct approach, short cut…) It is very much needed. It will greatly accelerate the speed. Indeed, your learning of software programming will be at least 1000 times faster if you have a very strong liberal arts and business background. In Chinese, we say Ru Yu De Sui (like fish getting into water), Zuo You Feng Yuan (the source is everywhere).
2 years ago, I felt the acceleration. Then gradually used it up because I have to work. I need to go back to that. Get my other arts to a whole new level. Then apply great force to my major art. (It seems I am a little trying to jump to conclusion here. 🙂 )


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Walking in Greenwich Village

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking in Greenwich Village, wandering around aimlessly. Looking at people and stores, suddenly I felt free. A feeling of a long time ago came back to me. When I was in high school or college, I like to go to a new city, or go to the mountains, just by myself, alone, one person. Just walk around, explore the space, feeling I am walking freely in my life, in this society. This is what I have. What have I enjoyed in my life? What I hold precious? I am not going to subscribe to any particular kind of philosophy or ideology, no matter how good or right it is. I am not going to be bound by rules, although I am very cautious with the consequence of every action I take. A long time ago, I was decided that everyone needs to have his/her own philosophy. This philosophy arises from one individual walking freely in the society, reflecting on his/her own life.

In every culture, moral standard is a big part (probably always the dominate part) of the culture. People are afraid of free-thinking people. They want to put rules on people. Quite often, those rules were made by people who never lived freely, or by people who had their own hidden agendas.  I don’t have moral standards. I discarded all of them a long time ago. I only have a bottom line principle: don’t hurt other people. If I can do that well, I will be very satisfied with myself. But even that is very hard. I am still trying my best.

When I was in China, I wanted to walk around China very much, just to explore various cultures and people, to explore the space and to understand the space. That is actually pretty much all my learning in my undergraduate is about: just to explore and understand the space I live in. I read a lot of books, newspapers, almost everything that I didn’t know and felt important to know. I did a lot of social activities, sold stuff on the street, promoted Internet in its early stage in China. What is the feeling? It feels like holding the whole world in my hand (quote).

I still want to walk around US. I am still working very hard to explore the space in the west.

Unfortunately, the very purpose of compulsory schooling is to strip you away the time you need to walk freely in society. By taking away people’s control of their own time, you can turn them into slaves. It is done by people in power, by people who feel superior because they are in power, by people who are themselves slaves of enslaving ideology. However, we are fighting.

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Learn like a businessman

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