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The Fun Theory

O’Reilly Radar is talking about the Fun Theory now:

Actually I have been consistently talking about it on this blog. And I talk about it in a much deeper and systemic way.

You can check out the following essay. It includes links to many posts I had regarding my whole system of thinking on this.

More particularly, these two:

The principle of Playing:

Build a better playground:

Computer Science is a life science:


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Bush declared war on geese

Thought about this today. Then googled internet, found some other people also thought about this. Below is a good one:

During his last days in office, Bush declared the war on geese. Bush called the geese the axis of evil and declared them terrorists. In his speech, Bush said the geese took down our airplane because they hated our freedom (to fly in their sky?).  Bush called for a preemptive strike on all the geese around the globe. “You are either with us or against us. Any country that harbor geese is the enemy of Unites States”, Bush said in his speech.

Obama did a follow up after Bush’s speech. Obama said he was not against wars. But he was against the war on geese because it would cost too much. He said he was not concerned of geese being killed. However, he was concerned that American people’s tax dollar being squandered. We should focus on the war in Afghanistan and he wold keep all options on the table against Iran including nuclear weapons, Obama said. Obama was speaking to a large crowd of people cheering for change and hope with signs like change you can believe in. At the same time, it was reported that MLK was crying in heaven.

war on geese

war on geese

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Pick up girls in Barnes & Noble

Do people start to pick up girls in Barnes& Noble? Is this becoming a trend or something? Last weekend, I just stood in B&N for one hour and I heard two instance of guys trying to pick up girls.
One of the conversation ended like this:

The guy: we should get a cup of coffee sometime.

The girl: oh, I have a boyfriend.

The guy: oh, you can get your boyfriend, and I will get my girlfriend, and we can have coffee together.

I was laughing. All my lung, stomach, and intestines were exploded into pieces. Sorry, a little exaggerating.

When I told my coworker who just broke up with his girlfriend recently, he told me that his friends actually suggested him to go to B&N to pick up girls.

I googled Barnes & Noble pick up girl. B&N does seems a hot place for some people to pick up girls.

If you want to know which section these happened, it was in the philosophy section of B&N. BTW, I don’t read philosophy at all. Way past that a long time ago.

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Eric Cartman Gone Wild

For people having a hard time acknowledging people like Hitler has Buddha nature, you can think of Hilter as Eric Cartman gone wild.

South Park is fun.

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Rice Bucket (Fan4 Tong3 饭桶)

It cracked me up when I saw a girl wearing a T-Shirt bearing Chinese and Korean on the back. The Chinese says Fan4 Tong3 (Rice Bucket). I guess the Korean is the same word. And there is a nice cartoon of a guy with a rice bucket on the T-Shirt. Rice Bucket in Chinese is referred to people who are stupid, have no talent, cannot achieve anything, and at the same time consume a lot of food.

You learned the word. But I think everyone has talent. It is just whether you work hard enough or not.

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Dragon Ball Rap

Funny that people made a rap of Dragon Ball, my most favorite cartoon. Don’t know what they are singing.

I start reading Dragon Ball when I was in junior middle school (about 15 years old). Then finished the whole series in college. Yes, it took the author that many years to finish it. The character Goku and some other characters and stories are based on the Chinese classic novel Monkey King (or translated as Journey to the West), my most favorite Chinese classic novel. The novel is full of imagination. In my view, it is actually a great Buddhism novel. Monkey King is a fighting Buddha.

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by the stories of the Monkey King. When in kindergarten, we had an old teacher who is very good at telling stories. Monkey King stories are our most favorite stories.

Monkey King is Chinese tradition of grassroots and individualism. It represents Chinese quest for freedom and equality. Such tradition is very rare in China. It defies and laughs at all authorities. Monkey King is full of life.

Below is the classic cartoon of Monkey King made in the 60s:

Havoc in Heaven 1

Havoc in Heaven 2

Havoc in Heaven 3

Havoc in Heaven 4

Havoc in Heaven5

Havoc in Heaven 6

This is the TV series in the 90s. It is a quite classic version.

Above videos are all in Chinese. This is the translation of the novel in English. 


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Chinese new year=thanksgiving+Christmas+new year+maybe national day(for the firework)

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